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About Us

Our Vision
Progress Indian women through economic empowerment

Our Mission
Provide high quality focused vocational training and employment to enable marginalized women of India enhance their standard of living, sense of dignity and independence.

How we work
Anoothi is a team consisting of the women it employs, individuals who are dedicated to its underlying vision, and crafts people from a vast artist population of India. India has a rich heritage of ethnic and traditional art. People living in every corner of India are known for some unique craftsmanship. Their skills manifest in to magnificent creations that include articles of decorations, jewelry, home furnishings and yard goods.  Anoothi organizes them, brings them under its network of Self Help Groups and conducts business following Fair Trade norms. Thus, Anoothi is an institution that harnesses the potentials that exists and also creates new possibilities by training Self Help Groups of women.  Together Anoothi has created an empowered and aware artist community who otherwise would live and work in most dire conditions struggling to make the two ends meet.

Partnership between Vatsalya and Anoothi
Vatsalya  (www.vatsalya.org) is an NGO that works primarily in the field of rehabilitation of orphaned, abandoned and destitute children.  Vatsalya’s welfare interventions  are supported by donations given by friends from across the globe, however, Vatsalya also wishes to create possibilities of generating revenue itself. Anoothi is one such effort of Vatsalya-to create sustenance for it’s welfare programs!  Both these organizations have separate entities-  one is a tax exempted not- for- profit charity and the other is a registered for-profit business that pays tax as per the legal provisions of the land. The two organizations function independent of each other, however, one can find the beneficiaries of both Vatsalya and Anoothi leveraging from each other in most constructive and positive ways.

Anoothi’s Fair Trade Policy
Anoothi’s primary goal is Empowerment- Empowerment of those who need it and who seek it.

The steps involved in our Fair Trade venture are as follows:
•    Create Self Help Groups
•    Train them in their chosen field of art and craft
•    Pay a fair wage for training and production time
•    Have the products made in regular workshops conducted under skilled supervision, if required
•    Alternatively, also buy handicraft products from artisans and women who work independently
•    Sell these goods through  various stores/fairs/events.

After paying  for their capacity building  and giving fair wages to the women, the profit  by Anoothi is  divided as follows:
•    50% of the profits are donated to Vatsalya’s Children’s Village where orphaned and abandoned children find possibilities of living a healthy, safe and loving childhood
•     25% is invested by Anoothi on the health care of the women of Self Help Groups where they get medical and health care absolutely FREE
•    25% is invested back into the business