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Anoothi Women

Anoothi Women

Anoothi is a team of Entrepreneurs; as young as 18 years and as old as 70! Individuals who share their zeal for creativity and want to use their artistic talent for making this world a better place, a healthier place. The team of Anoothi is comprised of the following people: Women from Villages of India Women from the rural areas in India are generally illiterate or barely educated.  They work in farms or as labor to add to family income.  Since agriculture in India is mostly dependent on rain, about 8 months of the year, these women either have not much to do or work as construction labor and earn barely Rs. 100/- (US$2.5) per day.  The uncertainty involved with this daily wages based profession and the insufficiency of income fails to make any significant impact in their economic status. Besides, working as  construction labor often deprives them of the most basic amenities, dignity and safety for their children who generally remain with them wherever they go for work.  Anoothi reaches out to these women and enroll them in its training programs.  In addition to being trained to create the Anoothi products they are also educated to manage their accounts and invest their earnings prudently.   Currently Anoothi has 176 women from villages of Jaipur working as Anoothi artisans and earning an income of Rs. 3500 to Rs. 10000 per month. Female Sex Workers With Anchal’s support (www.anchalproject.com) Vatsalya extended its services to yet another category of women who suffer in most inhuman ways in India.  Due to the social stigma, the women who work in sex trade have  no easy access to any kind of amenities for themselves or their children, including health and education.  Anoothi has enrolled 90 CSWs in Jaipur and Ajmer districts of Rajasthan and has trained them so as to enable them to earn through alternative means of livelihood. Grown up Children of Vatsalya Children above the age of 16 years, who live under the care and protection of Vatsalya as they were orphaned or abandoned very early in their lives are gradually groomed and prepared to be self sustained and independent  They choose various options available to them on or off the campus,  one of which is joining Anoothi to become an artisan.

Anoothi Stories

Working with women living in diverse difficult circumstances is very humbling and inspiring in many ways. When they smile, in spite of what they have to go through, we are filled with deep compassion and respect for them. We went to them thinking we would change their lives but, in fact, it is our lives that are changing. These women are so strong even in their vulnerability, so warm and affectionate even though they were never loved or wanted as daughters themselves. As wives and mothers, their struggles are endless but they always smile…We will leave you with some very impactful sentiments expressed by some of the women we work with:

I never was given milk as a child as it was my brother who got the best first. Now, I make sure that my daughter gets the best first! She is as precious for me as my son is…

Working as a prostitute is the most humiliating and exploitative profession in the world. I died every day when I had to sustain that way. Now, I feel a new respect for myself…

Whatever I could not enjoy as a child, I ensure that my daughter gets. She will also get the best education possible. I used to worry a lot as to how I would do it but now I have courage and money. I will work more and earn more money and make her a Doctor….

Anchal has given us a new hope but we need more work… We are prepared to work hard…

It is difficult for me now to return back to a decent respectable life but I will never let my daughter get in to this….
I never thought we also had Rights! ….

Where was Anoothi all these years? Why did you take so long to come to me? I could have been something… It’s late for me now but it’s ok. I know how I can help others and save them from getting in to that hell….

I breathe easy now; need not worry about “what ifs…?” Working with Anoothi, I feel bold and strong so that I can handle problems and if I cannot, you are there…