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Block Printing

Block Printing is a technique started by Chippa community in Bagru, Rajasthan. Initially, when it was started the colors for printing were being made from the natural colors of plants. The color used to do printing depends on the season, as well as the amount of water content present in that plant. Later, colors were replaced by azo free colors and pigment colors in block printing. So, in today’s era block printing is done with both the colors natural colors and azo free colors. As of now, in Anoothi, we are doing the printing with pigment or azo free colors but, we have learnt the technique of natural dyeing/Organic Dyeing and soon we will be using these techniques for dyeing of our fabric. When Anoothi started working on block printing, there was a strong conviction from people’ side that Block Printing can be only done by men, as it requires lot of force while printing with hands and is a strenuous task. But, after the continuous work of 3 years from training women in block printing to color making, from making training products to making finished quality products,  we are finally able to provide wide range of block printed products solely made by our women artisans..:) For more you can have a look at our products on website.


Kantha is a handicraft skill which comes from West Bengal and Orissa. Using this hand skill Anoothi recycles old cotton saris and make products out of it. We make bags, quilts, pouches, Jackets, Yoga mats and different variety of products using this skill. Our women artisans are paid, according to per line of kantha which they stitch in a piece. Anoothi ensures that they get fair wages for the products which they are making. For more have a look at our Kantha products on our website!

Recycled fabric

Primarily Anoothi works for the empowerment of women and for sustenance of Udayan(Vatsalya’s Children Ashram, For more visit www.vatsalya.org) but, never forgets it’s responsibility towards environment. For this reason Anoothi makes products from old cotton saris, cotton fabric and organic fabric too!

Green Environment

Till now we are working with two hand skills block printing and kantha. But now, from over a month we have started working on Natural Dyeing too. Natural Dyeing is a technique which has started almost 5000 years ago. India has largest variety of flora and fauna so natural dyeing originated in India only. Different kind of trees and plants use to give different kind of color on fabric. India was known as Golden bird few decades ago. The technique of making fabric and getting the fabric dyed was only in India.

Few years later, industrialization grew up, natural dyeing was stopped and chemical dyeing took over the natural dye. At that time, people did not understand the importance of natural dye. Natural dye is not only good for skin but, natural dye is good for your health too. For example, study shows that black color causes cancer and absorbs most of the UV rays but, this happen only in synthetic black. If you will wear the black color which is made from natural dye than it will not allow the UV rays to penetrate from it and will also keep your body cool.