Create a better socio-economic world for marginalized women. 


To promote a socio-economic model that  provides the marginalized women 0f India with the opportunities to improve their standard of living & sense of dignity by training them in scalable skills to produce exclusive hand-crafted goods.


Who we are…

Anoothi was Co-founded by Jaimala after she worked intensively with orphaned and abandoned children through Vatsalya for eight years. (  Vatsalya began taking care of orphaned and abandoned children in 2001.


What we do…

Anoothi trains women in skills that are simple and traditional. Traditional Indian textile products are ethically made with environment consciousness by the women we train. Our Zero Waste policy is to make use of the last strand of the raw material used for making the main product.


Why work with us…

Anoothi has an extraordinary perspective.  The women who are rescued from abject poverty and perpetual abuse and exploitation are not simply there in Anoothi to earn their economic independence. We try to install a higher purpose – help others to evolve and support them in transforming their lives just the way they experienced it for themselves through Anoothi.

Anoothi Products

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