The major skills set given to Anoothi women are:

  • Kantha (a hand needle work on layers of fabric)
  • Wood block printing
  • Natural/Organic dyeing
  • Stitching
  • Stuffed toys

Anoothi begins with community mobilization wherein trained social workers reach out to these women and try to CONVINCE them to enroll. It is a slow process and takes time to change the mindset of these women who are conditioned to believe that suffering is a part of their lives. Once enrolled, it’s a training of 3 to 9 months which enables them to reach a level of Apprentice.  Some of them begin to make “A Grade” products within this span while others need a longer time. The major Anoothi products are in the category of home furnishing including bedroom and dining room linen, accessories such as bags and pouches, garments, soft toys, tassels and pompoms, etc.  Anoothi welcomes the creative involvement of the buyers while our artisans make their customized product. Team work and Transparency are our major ethos!