A brief genesis

Anoothi was Co-founded by Jaimala after she worked intensively with orphaned and abandoned children through Vatsalya for eight years. (please visit www.vatsalya.org).  Vatsalya began taking care of orphaned and abandoned children in 2001. By 2008, it was observed that most of the children Vatsalya took into its residential care program came essentially from families where the father was absent. He was absent because either he was dead, alcoholic, abusive, unemployed, disabled or simply not interested in doing anything to support his family. That responsibility in such cases fell upon the mother who, like most girls raised in poor families in India, was neither educated nor skilled to be self-sufficient. It was the sons and daughters of these mothers that Vatsalya found begging on the streets, selling incense sticks or balloons, shoe shining or paper vending and so on. Some were even rescued by Vatsalya from the traps of sex rackets and the gangs engaged in many other antisocial activities.  Thus Anoothi was created in 2008 and since then, it has changed the lives of not only hundreds of women but also eliminated any chance of abuse and exploitation of their daughters and sons.