Our Vision

Progress Indian women through economic empowerment

Our Mission
Provide high quality focused vocational training and employment to enable marginalized women of India enhance their standard of living, sense of dignity and independence.

About Anoothi

Anoothi is a Hindi word meaning Unique, Extraordinary, and Exclusive! Anoothi is not only exclusive in its creations; it is also unique because of its Vision. While Anoothi creates beauty, it also brings empowerment into the lives of thousands of poor rural women and destitute children of India.

Anoothi is a unique combination of two very different elements- Creativity and Compassion! Using micro-credit and micro-enterprise as tool, we organize poor rural women of Rajasthan, India in Self Help Groups and train them in making home accessories such as kitchen and bed linens, personal wear such as quilted jackets, scarves, bags; jewelry including necklace, bracelets, anklets,  etc.  Most of these products are made of recycled material, however, we also use semi precious stones, silver, brass, copper, Lakh and handmade paper.  The art work is ethnic and traditional and we especially invest in preserving and promoting the indigenous craft and skill of natives.

Anoothi aims not only to give sustenance to poor women but the process is further extended to the next generation. Profit generated through Anoothi products is contributed to sustaining Vatsalya’s Street Children rehabilitation program and on health care of the Anoothi women.  About 25% is invested back in to the business.


When you buy Anoothi products, you are investing in changing many lives!

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How we work

Anoothi is a team consisting of the women it employs, individuals who are dedicated to its underlying vision, and crafts people from a vast artist population of India. India has a rich heritage of ethnic and traditional art. People living in every corner of India are known for some unique craftsmanship. Their skills manifest in to magnificent creations that include articles of decorations, jewelry, home furnishings and yard goods.  Anoothi organizes them, brings them under its network of Self Help Groups and conducts business following Fair Trade norms. Thus, Anoothi is an institution that harnesses the potentials that exists and also creates new possibilities by training Self Help Groups of women.  Together Anoothi has created an empowered and aware artist community who otherwise would live and work in most dire conditions struggling to make the two ends meet.