In India there is a marked difference between how many parents treat their daughters and their sons. Many girls are not given the same kind of food, they are not educated in the same manner and they are raised only to become someone’s wife, not encouraged to have aspirations for their own futures. Unemployment among males often leads to their brutalizing their wives and children. In many cases, this is fuelled by alcohol misuse. The main object of these women’s lives is to raise their children and many dwelling in both urban and rural areas live below the poverty line, meaning that they turn to sex work just to feed and clothe their children. Anoothi has given them a route out of the desperation of poverty and sex work.


The main impact can be felt in three distinct areas

Financial Security by providing regular income

Financial security involves the ability to manage daily finances, be resilient to economic shocks, and pursue opportunities to advance economically. A steady paycheck helps our artisans improve the quality of life for their entire family

Financial Literacy

Most of our artisans are uneducated women coming from poor families. In order to make them truly empowered we need to ensure that they become financially literate and get equipped with knowledge to make informed and effective decisions with all their financial resources.

We ensure that all our artisans get trained in operation of their banking accounts and management of the money so that they retain control over their earnings.

Equitable Working Condition

Many of our artisans come from prostitution background. It’s a very important part of the organization culture to ensure that every person is treated respectfully and gets dignified treatment so as to ensure an inclusive environment for everyone.


You can know more about our artisans by downloading the book Life Stories from Anoothi & Vatsalya”.