Who we are

Heard of a woman who had nothing, was raised to be nothing, was told to expect nothing and be nothing?  Anoothi finds these women and kindles their hope and desire to Be Something, trains them to Do Something and inspirers them to Create something.

These marginalized women that Anoothi reaches out to and works with are from remote villages and the smoldering slums of the country. Most of them used to work as daily wage casual laborers, digging roads, weeding farms, etc., until Anoothi enrolled them in their livelihood and economic empowerment program.  Over 500 women forced in the sex trade in order to feed their children also comprise of Anoothi work force. Together, over 4000 women are trained by Anoothi so far and over 600 work directly with Anoothi earning anything between ₹4000 to ₹ 12000 per month.  When we began in 2008, these women could barely say a straight sentence about themselves. Today, they hold positions as Trainers, Senior Artisans, Supervisors, Managers, Community Mobilizers, and so on. Most importantly, they MANAGE their own lives!