Why work with us

Anoothi has an extraordinary perspective.  The women who are rescued from abject poverty and perpetual abuse and exploitation are not simply there in Anoothi to earn their economic independence. They have a higher purpose – to help others to evolve too and to support them in transforming their lives just the way they could experience it themselves.  And therefore, whatever resources are generated through Anoothi, after paying the artisans for their hard work,  Anoothi donates a percentage of its profits for the education of poor children, especially young girls.

Team work and Transparency are our major ethos!  Anoothi welcomes the creative involvement of the buyers while our artisans make their customized product. So, if you want to enjoy the process of creating beautiful products and also be part of beautiful transition that occurs in lives of those in and around us, Anoothi is the right place to go!